Thursday, July 29, 2004


The woman in the office next to the American Mastodon is a real hoot. When she doesn't have her radio tuned to the local classic rock station (whose volume tends to amplify whenever the Eagles are played), she is more often than not calling one of the other secretaries in the office and cracking wise. She has one of those laughs that seems at time she is dying from lung failure, and oftentimes the heartier chortles are stopped short by a few quick coughs. In short, she's a wheezer.

So just turn down that chuckle and turn up that dial, Linda.

Just take it easy / take it easy / don't let the sound of your own laugh / drive you crazy.


King Koopa said...

Ahah! Proof that the American Mastodon has been in Los Angeles too long: Showing preference for the Eagles.

The Eagles are easily the all time worst popular rock band (followed closely by the Steve Miller Band; "Abracadabra" excluded). Furthermore, I can't believe a fan of Gram Parsons would EVER quote Eagles' lyrics. A whole damn book could be written about the litany of "rock crimes" perpetrated by the Eagles since their inception. I'll even provide the 2 major crimes that bookend their careers to this point. 1) Stealing Gram Parsons' style, sound, and legacy. 2) Being the first rock band to charge in excess of $100 to listen to them play their shitty songs.

I hate the fuckin Eagles, man

Mathis said...

Quoting a band's lyrics is not an implication of one's approval. As small children reared in the town lucky enough to be called "Theodore Dreiser's Childhood Home", you and he both know the stranglehold that shitty bands and even shittier dj's had on you. Ted Nugent and Big Mountain were ingrained in your psyche long before you had any say in the matter. The Dude not only realizes that the Eagles are a shitty band with a no talent drummer (singer? whaaaa?), the Dude also abides.

And as far as calling out the AM for not liking the Grevious Angel enough, well, sir - he can tell that you are merely trying to get his proverbial "goat".

Anonymous said...

The Eagles were topped by Joe Walsh as being the all-time worst rock band (rather in this case, rock performer) of all time.

Although "life's been good to him so far," it's the rest of us who've been forced to suffer as a result.