Wednesday, December 08, 2004



Editor, Times-Union:

To the dog owner who owns the mobile home at Yellow Creek Lake: This past weekend my children came to me upset because they saw a dog inside a mobile home that no one is living in. I took it upon myself to go down and check out the situation. What I saw inside that trailer was one of the most appalling things I've ever seen. A dog inside living amongst all of the stuff the previous tenate left behind. It looked as if they just up and left everything; a tornado would have been an improvement. We tried to coax the dog out, but no luck. I called the animal control officer, who I find out has contacted the owner of the dog and he tells me that the dog has food, water and shelter and that the law states as long as these three things are available, there's nothing he can do. Lord have mercy on your soul. Animals have feelings, too. How would you like to live like that and have to run around your urine and feces and to live without electricity and companionship. You've broken hearts of children and adults as well. That poor dog. I'm praying for your soul. You know not what you do.

Susan Schoettmer
Mastodon City

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