Thursday, January 13, 2005


I am incredibly bored at my job. I used to work for two attorneys, but recently our evening assistant has been coming in earlier and working for the less-busy of the two attorneys. So though I had little to do before, I now have very little to do. How do I fill my time? For the past couple of days it has been looking up people on Friendster that I once new. Old flames, old nemesises (nemesi?), old codgers, and old spinsters.

It's fascinating. It's addictive. It's enjoyable. And it's a wonderful wild goose chase. For instance, say I want to find fictional old friend Beatrice Grimley, but she doesn't show up when I type her full name in (as many people only type in their first name). Well, then, I attempt to find a friend we once had in common, who perhaps has "Beatrice" as a friend. Or say I type in Beatrice's full name and three Beatrices show up, all are 24 years old, but live in different parts of the country and don't have pictures verifying the old crony I'm seeking. The investigation, naturally, continues thus.

But the most fascinating thing about Friendster is the fact that nearly everyone I find, whether or not they are a person I know, is connected to me by five or less connections. The girl I know in New York knows someone in Pittsburgh who knows someone in South Dakota who knows my friend in Florida. Or some such variation.

The American Mastodon is fascinated. And he continues to be bored. And he hates that his life has come to this, but for now, it will do.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating post.

- Your Boss

Mathis said...

My boss can't send an email, but I'm sure he's a regular reader of this site.

Anonymous said...

I just told you that so that you wouldn't suspect what an internets junky I am. Love me some blogs, and how.

-Your Boss

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my daily reality. When you start checking Friendster more than twice a day to see if anyone has put up new pictures, it's become an addiction. I've even started having withdrawals when they do their "maintenance." Sad.

Danny Fisher said...

What are you? On a break? Make with the funny, boy.