Thursday, March 24, 2005


Once, I was strong. Today I am weak. I have lost my will to fight. In the face of endless oppression and suffocating incredulity, I did not stand and fight but crumbled, fell to their feet, a pile of shattered hopes. For so long I resisted their ways; many times I spoke up against them - many times I showed that I would not consent to their audacity, their buffoonery.

But there was no doubting the words that escaped my lips today. Instead of, "Small coffee, please," came the horrifying refrain, "Tall drip."

Tall drip!! They have broken me like a horse!

I cannot say that I am not ashamed. I cannot say that I am not the most disappointed of us all. I can say, however, with renewed vigor, that I will do my best to continue the fight. One day we will prevail, people of America, for good is like water and evil is like fire. Except for when fire boils all the water away and it evaporates. I mean more like when water is doused on fire. But not oil or grease fires. Just regular fires.

Then, good is like water.

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