Wednesday, March 30, 2005


A minute ago, but Wow. Just, wow. I had never heard of the punk rocker/defecator/rapist GG Allin before. Here's an interview.

GA: So you don't have any "favorite" shows, really...

GG: No, they're all great. At the Cat Club in New York once, this isn't even the show yet, I'm in the ladies' room tryin' to get someone to piss in my mouth, and this chick thought she's being tough and she pulls out her tampon, and I just ate it right it front of her, just swallowed the thing. They couldn't believe it. That night, someone said, "This is New York, you're not gonna surprise anyone here." They were talking about that show in the Village Voice for two months straight afterward. One time someone threw a dead cat up onstage and I tried to fuck it. Every show could be the last one.

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