Friday, April 22, 2005


Editor, Times-Union:

John Kozon called yesterday. As cranked up about daylight-saving time as only John Kozon can get.

Did I miss something? I don't recall Daniels saying anything about the issue during the campaign. It's what I get for voting for a Washington insider. I normally vote Republican because until recently they have been the more conservative. Really wish I had voted for Joe this time.

I really think the state legislators have a lot more important things to do than horse around with the clocks. Daylight-saving time is nothing but a recreational issue. Never has been, never will be. It's another hour in the evening for people to spend outside and that's it.

What really makes me nervous is what Daniels feels we need to get in line on next.

Harold L. Kitson
Mastodon City

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Rob said...

Next thing you know, he'll want to run telegraph wires all over the damn place! That Daniels!