Monday, April 25, 2005


These are funny commercials. Especially the first one. But they're both good. Thanks to the Wooly Mammoth for the links.

1.) The Condor Nest

2.) The Sour Man


Trevor Jackson said...

That sour man one is pretty good. I want one for work. Only more sour.

Did you know there's a guy on Slate who reviews commercials? He's talking about Skittles today.

Mathis said...

Thanks for the link. I remember that this is the same guy who really, really liked the ads (he wrote about them here). I always thought that his reasons for liking the ad were creepy.

And although I understand his point about too much surreal advertising, I don't think that other commercials really reach the utter zaniness and weirdness of the mustachioed Arab man in the condor nest. It's brilliant, and though it may not get me to eat Skittles, I'm glad someone made it, because I laughed, and me laughing is the most important thing in the world.