Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I have a few things to say, and I don't care if offense is taken, if weapons are drawn, if threats are made, or if hearts are broken. These things I'm about to say are true, and the truth, as you well know, will set you free. And if for some reason there is something inside you that doesn't cotton to freedom, then maybe you shouldn't be reading this blog, maybe you should go see how nice they have it in Red China, or go to an old Soviet republic and ask the old folks the pleasantries of the gulags.

I digress.

Here is what I have to say. And when I say "have to", I mean "am obligated to" and when I say "say" I mean "shine this bright light that I've found into the darkest corners of this doomed world."

1) Michael Penn's music is the natural result of a desire to fuse the sounds of Bob Dylan and The Gin Blossoms.

2) His album Free-For-All is the most underappreciated of the nineties.

3) His song Long Way Down is the most underappreciated of the nineties.

4) The video for Long Way Down is the best of the nineties.

The talented Penn brother, seen here looking coy.


Danny Fisher said...

No, Michael Penn's MP4: Days Since a Lost Time Accident is the most underappreciated album of the nineties.

Mathis said...


King Koopa said...

Michael Penn? Pshaw! I'm going with Sloan's Twice Removed . They're canadian; they've got the deck stacked against them already just because of geography.