Monday, May 16, 2005


I got sick this weekend and spent most of yesterday sweating in my bed, writhing around and trying to fall asleep. To stop myself from thinking about what I could have possibly eaten to make me feel so ill, I tried to stay positive. "What, if anything," I said to myself, "good comes from falling ill?". I thought for a bit. I threw up. I thought some more.

Losing weight? Nah, I'm already skinny. Curling up in a ball and rocking back and forth in bed? Nah, that happens every week after "Karl" ravages me then tosses a few dollar bills on the nightstand. Stepping over and back across that line of alertness and awareness and dreaming that comes from falling only slightly asleep? Aha!

I love the dreams I have when I nap during the day. You don't fall far enough asleep to lose that intense REM you experience when you're close to waking up. The dreams are more bizarre and seem closer to real life. When you're sick, it's even better, because it's not possible to get to that deep and dreamless state of sleep. And then, when you wake up, you don't get out of bed and try to do something, you just try to go back to sleep, because you're sick. It's like a really bad trip, only for free! In summation, this is the best thing that results from being sick. Everything else sucks.

In other news, I'm starting a new segment. It's going to be called, simply:


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Keine Stijl said...

Africa = good writing material.