Wednesday, May 11, 2005


If pressed, I'd say that the the television show "Wonder Woman" most directly shaped my sexual tastes.

Amazingly - and I know I probably dodged a bullet here - what I mean is that Linda Carter helped shape my taste in women and not, as some of you might imagine after that first sentence, that I became gay.

I also was really attracted to - and this period I look back on inquisitively - Tracey Gold from "Growing Pains".

I hope this information gives you a better understanding of my life and my ambitions.


Keine Stijl said...


I'm talking about your attraction to Tracey Gold by the way.

Trevor Jackson said...

I shared those same crushes. Wonder Woman was a little more fleeting, but in the years before anorexia started to take its toll on Tracey, but after it started to work its magic . . . Move over, Samantha Micelli.

King Koopa said...

What, no love for Tina Yothers?

It's ok, you can admit that you liked her more than Justine Bateman, no one's gonna hate on ya.

Mathis said...

This post was inspired by The Spoonbender's post the other day about Tony Danza. He made me say this.

Anderson Cooper said...

Wouldn't "a direct fucking rip off, because I'm a worthless prick" be more accurate than "inspired by?"

If actually writing in your own voice is your new gimmick, why not really go with the truth thing?

Mathis said...

I actually was being truthful when I alluded that Tracey Gold gave me boners when I was little.

Also, the "writing in my own voice" gimmick has been going on for a couple of months now, holmes.

Can we please not fight like this? It scares the kids.

Keine Stijl said...

Very much.