Monday, May 09, 2005


Hey, you know those online personals they have on all those websites? You know how lame they always are? (i.e., "What are you currently reading?" "Kafka, Camus, Joyce and the Bible.")

Well, today, the featured profile was of this girl and she was pretty cute, I guess, and her response to the phrase "Why you should get to know me" was:

After a rainstorm, I pick up every earthworm I see that has gotten lost on the pavement, and place it back in the grass.

And, you know, it's been sort of a long day, and I'm kind of tired, and I thought that that was a really cute answer. But also, it's funny, because I'm suspicious of anyone saying something that's halfway sincere, so right after thinking that she was cute, I figured she also had to be pretty crazy.

Cubs game in a half hour. That'll help wrap up the day.


Ian said...

Your boys are going down.

Mathis said...

Rain delay! Drats!

Ian, your blasphemy is irksome.