Thursday, May 26, 2005


Editor, Times-Union:

This is in response to all or most of Matt Perry's letters to the editor ... what are you doing? You live in San Diego where the majority of people are liberal. Why on earth are you writing back to your years-ago hometown newspaper? Talk to your friends in big-time California. They'll get all fired up with you!

I think you sound hilarious when you try to show off your extensive vocabulary... it's actually quite entertaining. You must be so bored ... so, so bored.

Erin Drudge Love
Mastodon City

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King Koopa said...

Don't be bringin your learnin and vocabularianisms around these parts, everybody here's already learned up enough, Mr. Smarty McThinkalot.

Oh, Erin Drudge Love from Mastodon City, why the defensiveness?

AM - I bet you want to write a letter to the editor now, don't you. Stand up for your fellow big-time Californians. Actually, that's not such a bad idea. Make it a haiku from GnR's "I Used To Love Her [But I Had to Kill Her]"???