Wednesday, August 24, 2005


This song goes out to all the ladies.

Baby, you know that I love you
Even though you're not a baby at all
As a matter of fact, you're my girlfriend.

And there doesn't seem to be any way
To impart to you how much I love you.
Well, baby, who is not really a baby but is my girlfriend,

I just want to say
That my love for you is a metaphor,
It's a rushing stream of tranquility,
It's a perfect sunset on the beach of Tahiti,
It surpasses all levels of believability,
This love for you,
That I've already mentioned is a metaphor
For how much I love you.
Which is a lot.

When I gave you those roses,
They were a symbol of the love I felt
Which is slightly different than a metaphor.

And when I told you you looked like a queen
That was a simile, because we both know
That you are no queen. But you are a queen to me.

We will go through stormy times, just as we
Will actually go through storms, in our car,
But baby, who is not really an actual baby, but my love,


I know people use figurative language
To describe their feelings to one another
But I love you so much I just don't want to do that

How can I be honest with you, if the things that I am saying
Are meant to be other things, like metaphors
Which confuse me because I take things so literally?

Like for instance if I were to tell you that your love
Wraps me in comfort and warmth, like a nice blanket?
Because to me, that's deceitful, because you're not a blanket but are in fact a person, a human being, and



King Koopa said...

My appreciation for this post is like that of a share of Exxon stock. You gouged me with your romantic words like Exxon gouges me every time I fill my gas tank.

There's little I can do about either one.

Mathis said...

Ok. No more spambots. You have to register with blogger to comment now. Sorry. Had to be done.

Ian said...

Does it literally "go out" to the ladies? All of them? Like it goes out of your mind and into the computer and on to the internet, before arriving at all of the ladies to whom it has gone out?

Mathis said...

It's more of a dedication, but thanks for asking!