Wednesday, September 14, 2005


The planes and rains have come and washed away the solid understanding of self that infused the solid fiber of yesterday's American. It may have been been more difficult for our ancestors to put a decent meal on their children's table; may have been more difficult to loosen the soil of their field by hand than by machine, but where their backs were harder so too their convictions and faith in the goodness of their nation. Rarely today does one feel that civic pride. In our leisure we find it too easy to forget that this nation was not built on the principle of safety and care but freedom and opportunity. That allowing a man the ability to do what he wishes is the most important gift you can give him.

Sometimes, though, we are reminded of the Great Dream that is America.


Ian said...

Can I have that minute back now, please?

Mathis said...

Spread your diseased ungratefulness elsewhere!