Thursday, October 27, 2005


The recent news concerning Harriet Miers' withdrawal of her nomination from the Supreme Court has reaffirmed a deeply held belief of mine: women are not only less intelligent than men, they are made from weaker stock; they are full of emotion and tears, seeking nothing in life besides some pathetically contrived validation from their fathers, brothers, lovers, and bosses, and then, when that recognition is revoked, do little more than run away and sit in the corner to go play with their dolls, stroking the synthetic blond hair with a miniaturized comb and whispering, softly, into the small plastic ear, "Someday you'll grow up and be a pretty wife and wonderful mother, won't you, yes you will..."

Harriet Miers - stupid, weak, and manipulated by her man-masters, or just a typical woman? I report, you decide.


Barry said...

erm... are you SURE you're not secretly gay? Cause sometimes I wonder... like after posts like that.

or maybe its just me projecting again.

Mathis said...

Oh, right - because hating women and their stupid vaginas and loving men, with all of their lovely men-flesh, their musky scent, their sturdy, solid muscles - because all of that, in some sort of wacky alternate universe... that makes me gay?

No offense, but I think you're stretching it a little.

Ian said...