Friday, October 07, 2005


Today you will be rewarded, children, because today I give you links:

1) Lil Markie's Song - You know how every once in awhile you hear about how there was a Christian Rock concert somewhere in Nebraska and thousands of people attended? And you're all like, "Wow, I had no idea people actually listened to Christian Rock?" Well, apparently, there are and they do. (note: I do not, obviously. Not even a little. Not even Stryper.) Did you also know, however, that "Abortion Rock" also has a large following? If not, be sure to listen to Lil Markie's dope jam.

2) The Post Show - A couple of guys in New York make little skits and put them on the internet. They only have three up so far, and they sort of go in ascending order of awesomeness. Though the second skit starts a little slow, it really pays off at the end. Trust me, little rabbits, you will not be disappointed!

Ok, I was going to post more links but whatever. I'm tired.


King Koopa said...

and is it me, or does Lil Markie sound like a Muppet baby? Or maybe Gollum?

"I do not, obviously. Not even a little. Not even Stryper"

Ya do too. I burned that new Sufjan Stevens disc for you. Cooper...he's got God on his side now, too.

school's out

cna said...

Calling your readers "rabbits" is making you sound a lot like her. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Ofc. Krupke said...

It's not just you, koop. Although I kept thinking of the kid's little finger-friend from "The Shining". If this song ever gets wide distribution, look for the abortion rate to shoot up suddenly.

Now, this, on the other hand, is the greatest Abortion Rock tune ever. I expect an Amy Grant cover version any day now.