Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Kill him!

Why aren't I the reincarnation of Buddha? Is it just me, or is life sooooo not fair! Furreals!!


Ian said...

Actually, if that kid is the Buddha, and a Buddhist meets him on the road, I think he or she is technically supposed to kill him, too.

P.S. Ohksb me? Ohksp you!

Mathis said...

Really? A Buddhist has a duty to kill the Buddha? Whoa. That's freaky.

Fisher? Give us the full scoop.

Danny Fisher said...

Barry Magid says it well.

Ofc. Krupke said...

I'll defer to Fisher on this, but I have to say, doesn't it seem like kind of a...risky metaphor to have lying around?

I can see some stunned Buddhist, standing over the body of Siddhartha, the bloodstained cricket bat still in his hand, saying, "What the fuck do you mean, 'It was a metaphor?!?'"