Monday, January 09, 2006


Oh no! My town's professional football team is not as good as your town's professional football team! Grow a pair, dickhead.

I want to watch this tonight, but boy is it long and boy does it sound depressing.

So, I just went to the mall and purchased some new shoes. A couple of thoughts: holy cow! These shoes are really incredibly comfortable! It's like I'm wearing slippers. I love my new shoes. I feel just like Carrie Bradshaw! The other thing is this: it turns out that my right foot is an entire size smaller than my left foot. Funny, right? And most importantly, it finally explains why the left side of my penis is so much bigger than the right side of my penis!


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King Koopa said...

It really is pretty tragic what happened to Carson Palmer. Signs a HUGE contract extension and then gets taken out on his next pass.

Maybe if Cincinnati wasn't so discriminatory towards homosexuals, this wouldn't have happened. Try and convince me there's no Gay Agenda, this proves it!