Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Right now I'm reading I, Fatty by Jerry Stahl, and so far it's great.

Here's a question: Why doesn't someone make a film about Fatty Arbuckle? I mean, come on. Hire Michael Badalucco and you're halfway there.

I probably just made someone a million dollars with this fucking genius idea. You're welcome, Hollywood.


Trevor Jackson said...

I didn't know Baby Face Nelson could play pool. He's pretty good, huh?

cna said...

They say that with a thrill-seekin' personality, what goes up must come down. Top of the world one minute, haunted by megrims the next. Yep, it's like our friend George is a alley cat and his own damn humors're swingin' him by the tail.

Danny Fisher said...

Have you read "Permanent Midnight"? It's great. That should be your next read if you haven't read it and you like "I, Fatty".

Mathis said...

I read "Permanent Midnight" a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I'm finding "I, Fatty" much more enjoyable. I just wasn't a huge fan of Stahl's voice, and I really don't like the redemptive junkie memoir (go figure, huh?). But he's definitely a good writer, and I think that in "I, Fatty," he can flex his writerly muscles a little more by not telling his own damn story.

Them's my two centileros.

Danny Fisher said...

Fair enough. It's one of the few redemptive junkie memoirs I can actually get behind. (I wasn't going to veer into Frey territory, but you have no shame.)