Tuesday, February 28, 2006


If this

now has this,

then why is it still called bird flu?

If, heaven forbid, this

catches this,

then I suggest we change the name to something a little less species-specific. Something catchy like "Holy Shit Flu."

Finally, it would have been truly tragic, and quite ironic, had she

died from this,

which, for those of you following along, is now found in both these

and these.


Mathis said...

Do you think Vince Young would have understood all that had it been on the Wonderlic test?

Mathis said...

I'm sorry. That entire post was really quite unnecessary.

Jimmy Saffron said...

The American Mastodon: No potential large scale catastrophy left un-fretted upon.

Mathis said...

LOL! How wrong you are, Saffron. You really want me to start this? Really? First you've got your mega-tsunamis, earthquakes, changing climate, the erosion of coasts, increasingly destructive hurricanes, changes in the gulf stream, and, most unfortunate, the end of the world as we know it when Yellowstone goes.

As far as viruses go, I'm not really that worried. I'll survive because I'm a healthy young chap and if I don't, fine. Plus, a successful virus is not one that kills off too many of its hosts. I'm more worried about the ragheads blowing up Warner Brothers and the Sears Tower and our incompetent government and the embarrasing idiocy of our country's citizens.

Whatever. Just read this.

Trevor Jackson said...

It's been a laff-a-lympics up in here the last few days.

Seriously, Masto, ask out the girl from Chicago. Just for a drink. Don't do the GOB impression. Or mention Idaho.


Mathis said...

Get it?

Cause she's, well, you know, her name is Lady Bird?

Anonymous said...

Do I see a link to Lee Clarke's timely and invigorating "Worst Cases," now available in hardcover from The University of Chicago Press?