Wednesday, February 08, 2006


and Mormons and crazy fundamentalist Christians and right-wing militias and Katie Couric and Baathists and all you commies and the ACLU and Jimmy Carter:

You will never destroy the essence of America, because America is filled with people like this.

2284 [17] Ensign Oak in field mission.

During a special scientific research where part of the crew were assigned to aid the Cantaris One new scientific team.

Marshall Oak was among the crew assigned to follow the Special Aid Team to help operational scientific crew of the lab. They were on the need to catalog the indigenous life forms of the habitable Cantaris system planets and the training crew of the Enterprise was eager to a chance to go into field.

The mission went through some weeks and after that the Special Team would be sent back to the Academy for some R&R and new studies.


T.S. Farmhand said...

Um, except he's Brazilian.

Mathis said...

America, dude. As in North and South American.

I stand behind the essential truth of my post.

Ian said...

"R & R"? More like gettin' down with the Vulcan hottie.