Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I should have bought you at $42!!


Mathis said...

Oh no! Looks like it's going down! I'll wait till it hits 45 before I buy. How's about that, rabbits?

Danny Fisher said...

It's a question of personal integrity: an investment in Chipotle is an investment in McDonald's.

Mathis said...

Fisher, you fucking louse, do you ever read the goddamned articles you link to?

Okay, so the Mexican eatery spun off from McDonalds basically doubled yesterday in its first day of trading and you're kicking yourself for not buying any of this habenero. (Folks at McDonalds must be ticked off too, they left so much money on the table by pricing it so low!)

It's no longer part of McDonald's.

Danny Fisher said...

You caught me. Wasn't tracking the Chipotle IPO.

Eh. Live and learn.

Mathis said...

No Fisher. No. This does not end here.

I will finish you!