Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I've lately experienced some changes here at my job that have left me sad and angry and frustrated. I won't get into them because, ultimately, none of it is important in any significant way, and I choose to only ever write about things which provoke in me a great and unwavering passion. Also, even though I have a job I don't like and I have a blog, two key ingredients to great blog-cess, I feel like writing about my job on my blog would force me to confront things about myself that I'm unwilling to do at this time. Regardless, as infuriating as this job and this work environment is, I have to admit that reading this article provoked the most antipathetic reaction to a personal point of view since those Danish guys offended my Lord, Allah.

Is it just me or is the world growing Jessica Francis Kanes like a bad case of athlete's foot? Stupid, rich, undeserving, lazy, arrogant and selfish. Ain't that America.

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