Friday, March 03, 2006


The new Domino's Pizza Jesus Town in Florida reminds me a lot of turn of the century Winona Lake.

I wonder if Billy Sumday will be invited to set up a Tabernacle?


Trevor Jackson said...

Winona Lake? Isn't there a Christian college there? Grace College or something like that?

When I was a kid a lot of graduating seniors in my church went to Grace College. I hadn't thought of that or Winona Lake in fifteen years. Chri-- Cripes.

Mathis said...

Winona Lake, though it's own city, is considered to be a part of Mastodon City.

And yes, Grace College is where you enroll if you want to get wild and crazy for four years.

Trevor Jackson said...


I skied on that lake. Slalom, for the first time.


Mathis said...

It's a small world, what are you gonna do.

King Koopa said...

To add to the circle of Winonian coincidences, I'm a matter of hours away from being back in Mastodon City. My grandparents, who live in Grace Village (the geriatric extension of bacchanalian Grace College), are having their 60th wedding anniversary in The 'Don this weekend. I'll tell the Mastodonians that I'm meeting tonight at the Downtown (namely Wheels Dickerson & Snaggletooth Salla) that you send your love.

Also, I once took a shit in Winona Lake, which is something the AM accuses me of doing to this blog from time to time. The connections are endless...

Trevor Jackson said...

Sorry to let my nostalgia distract from the subject at hand--those crazy pizza-selling and porn-hating Floridians.

Rob said...

I thought I had something pertinent to add, but, not being from the midwest, I'm not sure I'm allowed. I was once nearly assaulted in an Indiana rest stop once, though.

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