Wednesday, March 22, 2006


After which, the judges give their comments.

RANDY JACKSON: Yo, dawg, check it out. That was tight. See, this is what I love about you. When I knew you were singing this song, I was like, "wha?" you know, because it's hard to see a guy like you breaking it down like that. But you got pipes, man, you can blow. I love the range, man, totally impressive that you pulled that off. Right, dog pound? Hoo hoo hoo hoo.

RAMBO: Thanks, Randy. Thanks.

PAULA ABDUL: (clapping, then standing) You're a star. The way you just command the stage. And it's like, you're such a big guy, strong, but yet you were really vulnerable up there, and I think that's what America loves about you. They think they know you, but every week you come out here and reveal another part of yourself. And, of course, you can sing. You're a born performer. You're a star. I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of you.

RAMBO: Thank you. Thanks.

SIMON COWELL: (looking at Paula incredulously, then turning to RAMBO) Hated it. (Boos and hissing from the crowd) Pathetic. I mean, I'm sorry to rain on everyone's party here, but let's have a little reality check here.

RYAN SEACREST: Yeah, Simon Cowell, king of reality! (applause from the audience)

SIMOM COWELL: Good one, Ryan. (eyeroll)

RYAN SEACREST: How about a little constructive criticism for Rambo, so he can do better next week, instead of just putting him down.

SIMON COWELL: Ok, listen, Rambo, you're what? A huge, muscular Vietnam vet with a mullet and a tattered shirt? And you're - you're out here singing a Bonnie Tyler song. It's like oil and vinegar. America wants a performer who knows who they are. You're trying too hard to be something you're not. Pick a better song. Work toward your strengths, not against them. Maybe Mellencamp or something, I don't know. Bob Seger? And for godssakes, do something with that hair. Ugh.

RAMBO: Thanks, I'll use that. Thanks, everyone.

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