Thursday, March 16, 2006


Symbolized the discontent and fragmentation of America in the 1970's.

Who, in today's dystopian social climate, best exemplifies the American pysche?

The correct answer is House, MD.

Like Rambo, but not strong, not a war veteran, and not insane. But other than that, just like Rambo.


Mathis said...

So all I had to do was create a new post, and it worked. Maybe blogger is trying to tell me something.

Maybe blogger is telling me that the world needs more of me; needs to drink from the cup of my wisdom more often.

Blogger, you could've sent an email.

Trevor Jackson said...

Well, this is a little embarrassing. I go and lionize you and you come back.


Mathis said...

Next time, I'd suggest waiting a couple of days. And when the bomb comes, you'll know. Oh, yeah, you'll know.