Thursday, March 27, 2008


Last night, while watching television, I became angered at the premise of a commercial for a new line of healthy but delicious yogurt. You may have seen the ad. A young woman enters a laundromat/seamstress/tailor shop (confusing location is strike one) and hands the old woman behind the counter her clothes. She then proceeds to tell the woman that she needs her clothes "taken in" because of all of the delicious food she's been eating lately - key lime pie, Christmas ham, Boston Creme Pie, bacon, chocolate cake, Johnsonville brats, whatever - and naturally the old woman behind the counter smiles and, though she's a bit confused, politely, says, "okay then, you'd like them taken out." At this point the young woman gets indignant and says that no, in fact, she would like them taken in: like, der, you mean old lady. And then of course the kind seamstress is perplexed and tries to clarify the intent of the young woman - are you sure you don't mean you'd like the hem to be taken out?

To which the petulant young woman expresses her outrage that this older woman might think she has gained weight - take them in, dammit, and shut your pie hole, old lady! Geesh, I mean it's not like the young woman waltzed into the store and, unprovoked, immediately and oddly started rattling off all the fatty, unhealthy things she's been gorging on recently. Oh wait. That's EXACTLY what she did. And THEN the young woman has the cajones to get all huffy, simply because the polite lady behind the counter was trying to be nice and polite and respectful?

Do advertisers ever think about this stuff? Or do they just stay high 24 hours a day and write down stuff like: dancing bears, singing, creamy puffs, lots of hats, indie rock music, hot girl, swirly graphics, talking tree...

I don't get it.

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