Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Route 66, the “Main Street of America,” was commissioned November 11, 1926. Originally a graveled state road, 66 follows an ancient ridge that was trod by migrating mastodon.

The American Mastodon, after a couple of enjoyable and break-neck paced weeks, is back to his old grind. This more laid-back lifestyle leaves room in his life for all varieties of obsessions and interests to be engaged and then, as is most often the case, quickly abandoned. Tomorrow evening the American Mastodon will be attending his first class in the study of Landscape Architecture, and hopes that it will be not just enjoyable and informative, but indeed something more - affirmative.

You may think that this is a bit too much for the Mastodon to ask of a silly continuing-education class. But those among you who choose to say "nay" are clearly not ones imagining spending your lives toiling in the soil, under a hot sun, or behind a drafting table conjuring all forms and designs of reconstructive landscapes. In addition to the pure pleasure of the profession, new studies by the Bureau of Labor show that landscape architects have now surpassed, on average, the yearly salary of architects. The only worry the American Mastodon has is whether or not this class is going to be too awesome.

The American Mastodon swings his trunk down and then back, slapping it against his chest twice before pointing it high and straight, into the sky, giving thanks to the Lord.

The romance of the road can still be felt and seen in preserved sections of this internationally famous highway in Pulaski County. At mile 23.9, one can look to the right and see Idumea Church and behind, a small graveyard.


Analogcabin said...

One class does not a landscape architect make.

Mathis said...

Landscape Architecture, a profession not unlike the fine art of making love, or feeling alive, is more than anything a state of mind.

T.S. Farmhand said...

Are you a Mastodon or are you Sammy Sosa, Sir?