Thursday, July 01, 2004


Presumably, mastodons lived in areas of conifer forest and marsh on the Continental Shelf during a period of glacially-lowered sea levels about 20,000 years ago.

The American Mastodon is a bit frustrated that last evening's Landscape Architecture class was not more fruitful than had been anticipated. Granted, it was the first class of the course and therefore filled with the obligatory "getting-to-know-you" type activities that Mastodons are renowned for abhorring. One small kernel of interesting trivia did catch the American Mastodon attention, however. Were you aware that the Islamic invaders of Spain, the Moors, were descended from Persian heritage? Not only were they wonderful at infiltrating the land of the Spaniards, they were also quite exemplary architects and gardeners. As instructed in the Koran, whereby it states, "Heaven is a garden; and man should work to make heaven on earth," the Moors sought to excel at constructing beautiful and intricate enclosed courtyards.

The American Mastodon, naturally curious of the art of archaeological and anthropological excavation, was interested to read today that scientists are now determing the age of the first
Homo erecti to be much older than previously thought. The American Mastodon has struggled but ultimately cannot possibly image just how long 930,000 years is. All he knows is that time keeps on slipping / slipping into the fuuuuture.

Members of the species associated with pine parkland in the Ozarks during the middle of the last glaciation were small with rugged teeth, whereas those associated with later full-glacial spruce woodlands or forests in the same region were large and had smooth teeth indicative of optimum conditions.

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