Tuesday, August 03, 2004


How much are mobile homes? The AM is starting to think that purchasing one and carting it to some vacant lot near the 10/405 intersection may be a wiser investment, and easier to deal with, than finding a place amid the rental market of Los Angeles. Of course, if he weren't such a persnickity Priscilla, perhaps he and his roomie could have resolved all this by now. Is it too much to ask to desire housing that a) doesn't resemble Eastern-block concrete efficiency, b) is priced lower than your fucking mortgage for the entire complex, you fucking rat bastard management company, and c) doesn't have the interior design sense of a third-grader's sheet-and-pillow fort? Give the AM a lil' feng-shui, here, peeps, for the peace of his mind and the betterment of his life.

Is this all too much to ask? FLW had it right when he propogated the idea of cheap, organic architecture with good design sense and affordability to match. So,

Dear American architects:

Please keep the dream of Usonian living alive.

Thank you very much,

The American Mastodon.


King Koopa said...

I love the fact that you've taken to referring to Frank Lloyd Wright as FLW. Or did you mean FLW as an abbreviation for Fanny Lou Walker, my neighbor when I was a kid? I have a hard time believing Fanny believed in either good design sense or organic architecture; she had an Ark's worth of precast concrete animals in and around her house. No one w/ good sense puts a concrete frog next to a concrete anteater; they're not even part of the same ecosystem, jeez! So, I guess I answered my own question, you must have been referring to Frank Lloyd Wright. Next time clear up the confusion and type his entire name. Frank's no JFK or MLK and he sure as hell ain't no BPK.

Mathis said...

I knew Pritchard Knoopa, and you sir, are no BPK!