Friday, August 20, 2004


The American Mastodon couldn't help but notice that Daily Refill Jen was asking for movie/book suggestions. Typically, the AM shies away from recommending movies, as he is one incredibly pretensious schmuck when it comes to films. As he has been known to say, "if it's not German, and it's not from the 70's, I probably won't like it."

However, when pressed hard enough, he unequivocally endorses the single greatest film of all time, Badlands which, funnily enough, fulfills half of his stipulations being, as it were, made in 1973. Watch it, then thank the AM later.

"I got my dog!"

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King Koopa said...

I'll second the moniker of "pretentious schmuck" for the American Mastodon, particularly in the area of movie appreciation. Case in point: He steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the brilliance and sheer kickassitude of one of the masterworks of all time, Leonard Part 6, starring Bill Cosby, the living actor/comedian/dancer legend of our time. In case the blog-readers out there are not familiar, here's a little crashcourse in genius filmmaking.

Now, I should probably clarify something. I don't "actually" know that the American Mastodon does not like Leonard Part 6. But, he's a pretentious schmuck, so I'd be willing to bet my backstage passes to the Ashlee Simpson concert that he doesn't like it.