Tuesday, August 24, 2004


In his ever-present quest to bore you all to tears with his quasi-obsession with Landscape Architecture, the American Mastodon directs you to this site, where professionals reveal the "secrets" of their trades.

Here's the entry for a LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT:

You will often have to create a large presentation for clients, and will spend hours coloring in landscape illustrations with markers. But if you say the drawings are “rendered” rather than “colored,” you can charge four times as much.

Something to keep in mind, don't you think? Hmmm. Yeah, I guess not.

Well, for what it's worth, here's the American Mastodon's:


Look busy. If someone is glaring at you or keeps walking by your desk, pick up a Variety and pretend to be poring over it. At lunch, talk about an actor that is currently in an awful movie. Ask your boss if he/she has any scripts that you can take home to read. The next day, return the script to your boss and tell him/her that the script was, "Really dramatic. I thought that the transition from the second to third act was amazing. It sort of felt like (Commonly known genre film) but with better dialogue. I could really see someone like Roger Donaldson taking this script and doing something fantastic.

"Need another mocha?"


Reagan said...

I know, yet another comment. But also, staring at your computer and looking frustrated can work too.

Bre said...

I read personal emails and pretend that they're work related, i.e. taking notes in a small notepad while frowning at the screen as if some "customer" needed "information" about a "product" yadda yadda...

Landscape Architecture = HOT. For me, anything with "architecture" = HOT. I'm not sure why, but I go with it.

Rob said...

I agree with that 'landscape architecture=HOT" comment. Seriously--Frederick Law Olmsted? Mee-ow!

Jessica said...

"Need another mocha?"

I read that and shot my own mocha out of my nose. Oh, how I do miss those hallowed halls.