Monday, August 23, 2004


Typing in "Oh no you didn't" produces this sassy image:

Oh yes. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did!


Reagan said...

Type in "I hate you" and you'll find such things as:
1) Books: I hate you, don't leave me
2) My cat hates you (a personal favorite)
3)'I Hate You': Vancouver family finds surprising message in baby's toy
4) I despise you and I hate your taste in music
5) I Hate You, Dad, for What You Did

Mathis said...

Reagan, though I appreciate your enthusiam and participation in Googling random shit, I believe that you will have more fun if you type in something inane, such as, "chocolate mistake", and then, instead of searching Google, first hit "Images", then search to find what odd pictures appear.

For instance: "chocolate mistake"

Reagan said...

I am deeply disturbed by that image. I'll stick w/ "my cat hates you".

King Koopa said...

try "huh?", it's got a couple award winners