Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Last evening the American Mastodon headed to Vidiots to grab the seminal Buddhist fave "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring" (big ups to Shaktacular), but unfortunately for the AM the film was checked out. Faced with the perilous decision of actually picking out a movie for himself (the results of which, if any out there have borne witness to this calamity, are not pretty and tend to last close to an hour), the Mastodon finally walked away with a film he's wanted to see for quite some time, "The Son". This latest film from the dynamic Dardenne brothers of France is...well...ok, so the AM didn't finish it, but so far, he likes it a lot. After watching about 40 minutes he passed out on the sofa and when he came to, it was well into the midnight hours. He will say this about "The Son": damn if there aren't a lot of shots of the main character walking around his carpentry shot with the camera trailing him. Even after only 40 minutes, the AM feels like he can safely say he knows the man's back side very, very well.

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Mathis said...

God, I really didn't mean for that last line to sound so gay. But really, if you just read that one line, it really is incredibly uber gay.