Monday, September 13, 2004


The American Mastodon had a fantastic weekend. Thanks to everyone who came to the cookout and didn't complain, and acted like they enjoyed themselves. The AM hopes you enjoyed his Magic ChickenTM, and that you will all someday come back for more. Big ups to that Sarah girl who brought Sparks and who called the AM a celebrity. That was cool. Thanks to everyone for not laughing when the AM wore his friend's small, womanly shirt with the bra straps in the back. Seriously, he's NOT GAY. Well, not that much. Thanks to the peeps who drove him to and from Jumbo's Clown Room, as he was obviously not in a state to be operating vehicles.

Message to Jumbo's: baby, you just get better.

But seeing as how he wore himself out this weekend, the AM is very much looking forward to tonight, where his plans include running, making a little dinner, and hitting up Vidiots for a DVD rental. So the AM implores you: what should he get? Suggestions should be pretensious and dated, and involve at least one actor with a hyphenated name.


Danny Fisher said...

Get "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter....and Spring." It's got hyphenated names and everything. Oh, and it's awesome.

Do that, or rent one of the "Sports Night" DVDs.

Mathis said...

Actually, that's exactly the movie I wanted to see. And one I've wanted to see for awhile. Thanks for the suggestion. Everyone else - save it for later, we've got a winner.

Sue said...

"Bubba Ho-Tep"

Reagan said...

I'm too late...but you should rent "Amoros Perros" or "The Devil's Backbone"...I don't know why those popped into my head, but they're both great.