Wednesday, February 09, 2005


First we called them Indians. But that wasn't sufficient. Not "accurate" they said. So we called them Native Americans. Because two capitalized words and six syllables was the only way to respect the majesty and history of those noble people. Now, apparently, they want to be called yet another name, and this time the moniker happens to be "punk clique". And though I agree it's a more appropriate title, can't we just cut out all this musical chairs bullshit and settle on "Redman"?

You can scalp our heads, you hooligans, but you can't scalp our common sense.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one reading this blog anymore? Where's the witty banter? It's certainly not coming from me. Let's get on this people.

T.S. Farmhand said...

Just waiting on the witty posts.

*taps foot*

*sound of insects chirping*

*lights cigarette*

. . .

*shoots self in head*

. . .



*walks out door*

*gazes up at the stars*

*finds self thinking that despite all his rage, he is still just a rat in a cage*

*realizes this thought was first voiced by billy corrigan, and that this thought is retarded as well*

*jumps off cliff*

Mathis said...

*Turns to Anonymous and wonders if they ever really thought more than five people read this blog*

*Looks over quizically at T.S., shakes head, wonders why the Farmhand had to hit 'return' so many times*

*Places finger on chin, taps slowly, and ponders the genesis of asterisks denoting self-aware action on blogs*

Rob said...

I still read this blog. Just wanted to put that out there.

Danny Fisher said...

I read it too. I do whatever Rob tells me to do.

beanjah said...

i also read, but i refuse to engage in any banter, witty or other

King Koopa said...

I, too, still believe in the power of blogs, this blog included. In addition, I also believe in the power of music. I pray it's not sacrilege to invoke the name of Captain Planet, but "WITH THESE POWERS COMBINED I HAVE CREATED AN MP3 BLOG." On this blog I will combat the forces of evil, forces similar to the antagonists depicted in "Yellow Submarine". I encourage you to make requests, no matter how inane and stupid the requests they may be. Requests will be considered (and subsequently scoffed at and ridiculed) but just know that I will not be bound by the capriciousness of my public, my people. As a mp3blog artiste, I cannot have my hands tied by my "request line". So, if you like music, but you don't like paying for it, come hang out at
Koopa's HideawayAnd, I know html code about as well as I know conversational cantonese, so if you know how to fix my html blunders you will receive a post honoring your acheivements. Specifically, I can't figure out how to turn my green panel into a red panel. Trial and error got me this far, but this is where the blacktop turns to gravel...

Anonymous said...

Look at that 6 readers for ya. And I know for a fact that there more Anonymous readers/commenters than just lil' ol' me.