Friday, March 18, 2005



I'm really glad I found the following website, if for no other reason than it led me to this image (which has been removed and replaced by this image, which is smaller and doesn't mess up my page):

Better than Kris Kross


Reagan said...

Here's what I found on one Freddie Gage:

Notorious "turned-on" Texas preacher with a somewhat dubious reputation, enforced no doubt by his pimp-like appearance which suggests you'd have to take Christ the way he says or end up in the Galveston Bay with 2 bullets in your head. In the presence of a vast congregation of Loozy-anna teens Gage works up an acceptable fire & brimstone routine, which is mainly tough-guy "I was there" anecdotes on kids gone under from junk with a few words about Christianity thrown in almost as an afterthought. The stories related are probably more or less true, and Gage's streetwise demeanor has some credibility, although the occasional use of passé beatnik slang from the 1950s must have had a few heads in presence snickering. Gage warns us of dope, pushers and immoral hippies, all of which he apparently perceives as equally evil.

This guy is awesome.

Mathis said...

Yes he is. So is God.