Monday, April 18, 2005


I'm not really going to write anything significant today, because I'm just not in the mood. Granted, I never really write anything significant, except on those rare occasions when I really get behind what I write and try to deliver you the goods, like that time I figured out how to cure cancer and that other time when I proved which God was the real one. But today is the first day back to work after a long weekend of too many narcotics and too much sun, toiling away at the job I loathe with a warm ambivalence. Also, my friend just alerted me to that fact that I bought tickets to go see the Books at the New York City Knitting Factory, not the LA Knitting Factory, thereby throwing away $60. In addition to that, I found out this weekend that my family really is crazy, especially my crazy aunt, who we call crazy because she's crazy, because some guy has been basically stealing all of her money with her consent, and just the fact that there's some asshole out there taking the money of these crazy and invalid and lonely old ladies makes me want to take a flight to Indiana and see to it that the man develops a permanent disability to his legs, but for now I'll let the lawyers do what they can. In the meantime, I shall hone my Chuck Norris vigilante justice abilities so that in case my skillz are needed, I will be able to rain hurt upon his body and drown his pleas in a torrent of my karate chops. Just in case.

If you want to see pictures, go here.

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King Koopa said...

Ol boy boiling a hot dog in a beer bottle over a fire? I've got deja vu.