Monday, April 11, 2005


What To Say
Editor, Times-Union:

I recently went though open-heart surgery, where I had six bypasses. That is something that I don't want to go though again, especially when there are complications, and two more times in the hospital happened. This isn't why I'm writing this but what people we know will say to you. The phrase is "If there is anything you need or I can do for you, just let me know" are we as humans programmed to say certain things that we really don't mean? What is the reply from a simple question like: "How are you?" The answer is "fine" correct? Although we feel like we fell though a tree, and hit every limb on the way down, we are fine. I think that I upset the person who offered to help in my time of need, because the phone calls and visits stopped. I know that your readers mean well, and there are those who really care, please don't get me wrong. Because a few do not dictate all. I had doctors visits, blood tests, chest X-rays, 35-40 times before I could drive myself. Then my mds made me feel like a space cadet. So driving was a thing that I could not do. Who could take that many days, or several hours off from work? My suggestion is, don't say anything but to show up at the door then ask what you can do to be a helpful caring person. May I say, if you are planning on a hospital visit, remove all hair on your arms and if necessary, the chest area. You won't be sorry, but getting your hair ripped out isn't going to feel all that good.

Robert L. Reed
Mastodon City


King Koopa said...

Almost-coherent stream-of-consciousness letter to the editor? Somebody get this man a blog, stat!

People do crazy things on painkillers. Is it necessary to publish those crazy things? Mr. Reed even breaks into a editorial/royal/Smiegel moment, "...we feel like we fell through a tree...we are fine."

It almost sounds like a cry for help to me (except for the invaluable preemptive-shaving advice).

Anonymous said...

Robert Reed always sounds like he's on painkillers. In fact, he sounds a little more coherent here, if you ask me.