Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today on my way into work I came very close to hitting and killing a man with my car. That man was Peter Falk. He was wearing jeans and a denim shirt, and on the back of his shirt was a large, embroidered eagle. He looked at me dismissively and expectantly, as though he is a man who is almost constantly close to death at the hand of errant drivers, and then disregarded me with a slight flip of the hand.

Fuck him.

TV's Columbo, above, owns a shirt with an eagle on it.


T.S. Farmhand said...

You know he has a glass eye. So maybe you just thought he was looking at you.

cna said...

During one Little League game, Falk was called out by the umpire at third base. Falk, sure that he had been safe, angrily pulled his glass eye out of its socket and handed it to the umpire. "Here," he declared. "I think you might need this!"

Anonymous said...

You guys are so mean!!!

You know..., even glass eyes cry real tears!

-Sandy Duncan

Ian said...

That guy from those Cassavettes movies was on a TV show? Who knew?