Wednesday, October 12, 2005


This article alerts to the fact that only two percent of African-Americans (Afro-Americans to those of you reading this site via time warp) approve of George Bush's job performance as president. Shocking, right! I mean, who the hell are these Uncle Toms? Well, I decided to see for myself. The following is a transcript that I unearthed in which one of the pollsters, hitting the streets of Santa Monica, California, finds one of the few colored people who approve of George Bush.

2:18PM - Santa Monica Civic Center front lawn

POLLSTER: Hello, sir? Sir, could I have a minute of your time?

AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN: Time, time, time is gonna end, gonna be enough time when your dead to talk about time, don't need to rhyme, time is like a dick.

P: Sir, I'd like to ask you a few questions about George Bush.

AAM: Bush, pussy, pussy, dick, stick your dick, sticky dick, get it stuck, up your butt.

P: Ok, well, like I said, about George Bush.

AAM: George Bush is my mother. He wear woman clothes come down here try to make me smoke something I said jumpin jacks, wanna watch me do my jumpin jacks?

P: The first question is, do you think the country is heading in the right direction?

AAM: I plead the fifth amendment officer, I know my rights.

P: Just answer yes or no, sir. Do you think the country is heading in the right direction?

AAM: Yes I do believe that the Lord God will come down to earth and bake you a apple pie, drop it from the sky, say mmmMM!

P: Yes or no, do you approve of the way the president is handling the war on terror.

AAM: Yes, yep, yup, yop, give me a chocolate covered ice cream pop. HAHA!

P: Yes or no, do you approve of the way the president is handling the budget?

AAM: Do I look like a punk? I used to go to COLLEGE! Hell yes I did I was gonna be a writer but then they started spyin on me with their telescopes. The Russians, too!

P: Yes or no, do you approve of the way the president is handling the hurricane relief effort?

AAM: Do I look like I want crack?

P: Sir?

AAM: Do it look like I do?

P: Well, is that your answer to the question, or are you asking me?

AAM: (laughing, putting his arm around the pollster) Man, you ayight dog. You cool as shit you and me gotta hang out, man, I showed you my sister she probably suck yo dick, HAHA! Say yeah, man, yeah, yeah yeah yeah. She real nasty, do all kind a shit.

P: Yes or no, do you approve of the president's overall job performance?

AAM: I told you million times, man, didn't I? Fuck you you don't remember. I said yes your honor, yes your honor, please your honor, go easy on me, I got kids, your honor, I said, I lose my job your honor, I got nothing your honor, I said yes your honor I did them things but come on your honor be reasonable and look at you now? He be laughing and you dressed up like a chump. Show you who the real crazy nigga is. Come on, now. You know me, you know me, you don't got to blow me, just to know me.

P: Thank you for your time. Now, would you be willing to give me your name, your age, and your political affiliation?

AAM: My name is suck my big black cock, I'm suck my big black cock years old, and I don't affixiate no politics, I don't want to see no small white ass dicks, just get with dirty chicks, lots of punches and kicks, red bricks, shit be hot out here. You thirsty? Get me a burger at Burger King? I'm hungry, man. Fries, something, anything? Arby's?

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