Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I don't even know if Manohla is a man or a woman. Or Indian or Spanish. Or twenty or sixty. Or tall or short. Or black or white. Or hot or not.


Q. I know you loved “The New World” and so did I. I've seen it twice in the past two weeks, with the second viewing even better than the first. I think it's an unqualified masterpiece. Why do you think it's being left out of the field of Oscar nominations? — Kay Flaminio Durham, N.C.

A. The film’s brilliant cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki was nominated, so it wasn’t completely ignored. Mr. Lubezki was previously nominated for “The Little Princess” (he lost to John Toll for, bleech, “Braveheart”) and “Sleepy Hollow” (that time he lost to Conrad L. Hall for "American Beauty"). Here’s hoping that this time around talent outweighs popularity. In any event, there is only one possible explanation for why Terrence Malick’s glorious film, one of the most aesthetically and intellectually ambitious, emotionally devastating and politically resonant works of American art in recent memory, was overlooked by the Academy: with the exception of my few dear friends in that august body, they are idiots.


Danny Fisher said...

I'll fight you for her. No--I'll be the John Rolfe to your John Smith.

Trevor Jackson said...

Agreed. But she loses points for misspelling "blecch." Didn't she read MAD Magazine?

Also, Manohla Dargis.

Mathis said...

Good enough for government work.

Trevor Jackson said...

I mean to cast no aspersion on Ms. Dargis. An answer like that, an appreciation for Malick, and a namecheck of the underrated "Sleepy Hollow" more than makes up for one unfair thumbnail.