Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This may come as a shock to as many as one of you, but the 260th best college basketball team in the country, Alabama A&M, also has the toughest schedule. Now that's a tough break.

Also, Connecticut and Pittsburgh, ranked number 1 and 9 in the country, respectively, and members of what is inarguably the best conference in the country, have strength of schedule ratings of 192 and 210.

Do I smell shenanigans? Governor, I believe I do.

Also, while we're on the topic of college basketball, let me just say that I like the idea of Adam Morrison, but, after watching the man play, I must admit I don't actually like Adam Morrison.

Beware, all you NBA scouts who are reading this blog - DO NOT GIVE AWAY YOUR NUMBER ONE PICK FOR THE NEXT TOM GUGLIOTTA. Thank you.

Adam Morrison, above, attempts a behind-the-head pass to the cute little asian girl in the front row. WOOK OUT, WADY!


cna said...

Ummm. You seem to have mistaken the non-conference SOS for the overall SOS. In fact, the 160th ranked team (Baylor) has the #1 strength of schedule.

Mathis said...

Fuck you.

I stand behind the "essential truth" of my initial statement.