Thursday, February 02, 2006


February 2, 1996

Floyd Voight, proprietor of Voight's Automotive Service and Repair, purchased a winning lottery ticket at Big Jack's Shell Station. After cashing in his $20,000 prize, Floyd was arrested on charges of child support deliquency.

February 2, 1981

The annual "Kiss A Pig" contest at Lincoln Elementary school, where students vote for the teacher they most want to kiss a pig by putting pennies in a can, proved not to be a success. Money was raised for the purpose of going on a ski trip, but the grand total amounted to no more than $96. Sixth-grade students won the contest and chose Bill Studebaker to kiss the pig, which was furnished by Rudy Glingle. The money was given to the local Salvation Army.

February 2, 1956

Pfc. Robert L. Graham, son of Charles N. Graham, North Mastodon City, recently participated in "Polo Ball," a Seventh Army command post exercise in Germany. The exercise tested communications, clothing, equipment and supply operations in snow, rain, mud, cold and wind. It was agreed that most of the supplies tested proved to be in quite poor condition.

February 2, 1931

Peggy Dickinson was finally caught with her hand in the cookie jar. The eight year old daughter of Reverend Jim Dickinson, First Methodist Church, was caught pilfering a snickerdoodle from Johnson's Bakery on Market Street, the site of many recent missing desserts. Her father, who was alerted to the crime by the bakery's proprietor, whipped his daughter in broad daylight with his leather belt and was promptly placed in jail for three weeks.

February 2, 1906

Bill Jenkins, a traveling miracle-cure salesman from St. Louis by the Mississippi River, peddled his wares in the newly-built Central Lake Park Pavilion. Many bottles of his special elixir were purchased and most of the customers left satisfied. Maybelle Taylor claimed the potion cured her sore back and even Janco Roberts, who first spoke up against Mr. Jenkins by calling him a charlatan, admitted that the magic medicine cleared up a pressing headache.

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