Thursday, February 02, 2006


Is not really as bad as you might imagine.


T.S. Farmhand said...

You dishonor both the whiskey and the root beer when mixing the two. There is no reason to do this.

I've been getting really into root beer lately. Like, really really into root beer. In fact, I've just completed taste-testing every root beer available in the grocery stores that I frequent, and am eager to get my hands on more specialty, "hand-crafted" style brews.

So far, here are my top 5 after careful review. I would appreciate further recommendations if anyone in the AM's audience is a connoisseur.

1) IBC. This stuff just keeps coming up tops. Major beverage company, but retains a distinct flavor. Very sharp, nice root flavor, well carbonated, good "old fashioned" bottle.

2) Thomas Kemper. Nice honey flavor, a very smooth root beer.

3) Barqs. Apparently not even a real root beer, but damned if it doesn't keep beating out the competition in my self-blindfolded test. Possibly overcarbonated, but some very nice tones of wintergreen and vanilla.

4) A&W. This just tastes like root beer. Smooooothhhh. Good with hot dogs, naturally.

5) Henry Weinhard's. A bit too sweet, undercarbonated. Good rootyness.

Avoid these: Virgil's (very expensive, and overpowered by licorice flavor). Hansens (i.e. Trader Joes) - practically tasteless.

Bonus recommendation: Thomas Kemper's ginger ale is a revelation. Amazingly gingery, honey flavor, smooth somehow while still retaining an honest ginger bite.

Mathis said...

Ooooooookay then.

Ian said...

Mug. A&W tastes like a box of sugar.

I take it TS would not approve of Jack & Ginger (one of the finest cocktails on the planet) or Jack & Coke (not a favorite but OK) either?

T.S. Farmhand said...

I fully approve of Jack and Ginger. I was actually thinking about that with the Thomas Kemper's ginger ale - it would be great with bourbon or maybe even vodka.

T.S. Farmhand said...

Oh, and Jack and Coke? Not so much. If you're going to mix Coke with anything (and it should be Coke and not Pepsi) I would go with rum. Although I kind of hate it (I don't really like sweet alcoholic drinks), it's a classic.

Mathis said...

Mug's no good, IMHO.

I'll have to stick with A&W. Though root beer should be drunk from a bottle, not a can. That's where IBC gets the edge. But A&W from a bottle is better.

Or from a frosty mug. Mmmm. Frosty mug.

Anonymous said...

How could T.S. have forgotten Sprecher's? Wisconsin-brewed, and available by the half-barrel.

T.S. Farmhand said...

A&W is now available in bottle six-packs. Does seem to taste a little better than the can version, though they charge a pretty penny for the privilege.