Friday, March 10, 2006


Have you at least remembered how to laugh?

I said laugh, damn you!


Danny Fisher said...

God, I love The State. Sketch comedy has never seen better.

The Louie sketch is good, but the one in which he crashes the Last Supper is genius.

Jimmy Saffron said...

"You've heard it all before..."

Trevor Jackson said...

A better question might be why they haven't released every mother-lovin' last one of these episodes on DVD. Is MTV so blind?

Barry and Levon? The Pope-a? Doug? Oh, man, that muppets for dinner sketch. Does anyone else remember that one: "Show us far."

There was a best-of video tape released, but that just doesn't cut it.

Trevor Jackson said...

Here's the muppet dinner party sketch. Brilliant.

Mathis said...

The best State sketch was Porcupine Racetrack. But oh how I love the muppet one.

Danny Fisher said...

The Bearded Men of Space Station 11? Hormones? Jedi Talent Agency? The Men In Bikini Thong Underwear on Rollerskates Performing Great Works of American Theater? The Sideways House? The Jew, the Italian, and the Red-Head Gay?

It's ALL the best when it comes to The State.

Trevor Jackson said...

Keep digging through YouTube. There are entire episodes that are giving me some serious nostalgia.

I didn't see this sketch today but it was one I remembered. Set in a high school, the skit has the actors leaping toward the camera to explain their actual feelings for other characters and then leaping back into position so the action could resume. Anybody? Bueller?

The Best-of video has Porcupine Racetrack, the Bearded Men, oh, and Monkey Torture. Classics all.

Danny Fisher said...

How could I forget Monkey Torture?

"Yes, I fooled you. But, more importantly, we had little Ricky here fooled."