Thursday, November 18, 2004


In which I post actual Letters to the Editor of my hometown newspaper.

Pop Musical Blasphemy

Editor, Times-Union:

I recently read in the Times-Union that some Los Angeles theatrical group is presenting a "pop musical" version of "The Ten Commandments." Just how blasphemous can one get? In many ways, in recent years the world of entertainment has sunken pretty low, but this latest theatrical venture is one of the lowest, most irreverent acts that I can think of. All rules pertaining to morality and right conduct are based on what "The Ten Commandments" stand for, and, as far as this individual is concerned, desecrating God's principles with a "pop musical" is the pits.

("Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord.) Oh yes, I'm certain that some will compare my beliefs to those of an old-fashioned, "hell fire and brimstone" preacher; that may be, but the truth is still the truth, and right is right and wrong is wrong. One just simply cannot blaspheme against the word of God without expecting some kind of retribution. (I didn't create that fact. God did.) In closing, I wish to make the following declaration: Many times in my life, I have said to myself, "If one can't have a 'Higher Power' to look to and revere, what is there left?"

Don Kaiser


T.S. Farmhand said...

So you have discovered my true identity and are posting my letters to the paper. Well, goodie to you!

What, you didn't think I knew how to get on the Internet?

King Koopa said...

Predictably, I love this new segment.

Although the idea of a pop musical Ten Commandments doesn't appeal to me either, it leaves one to wonder whether Mr. Kaiser writes letters to the editor every time Godspell is performed at an area church? Is Mr. Kaiser protesting outside churches performing Psalty the Singing Song book plays? Both those plays mix pop culture w/ Christianity.

Maybe he's ticked because the group is out of LA, the land of fruits and nuts.