Friday, February 11, 2005


Future Readers

Editor, Times-Union:

I just read the Times-Union with the pictures of the babies (Future Readers of the Times-Union). I wish them all the best for a bright future, but I have some doubts. I have heard about some people graduating that couldn't even read their own diploma.

Reality came to life when I was talking with a neighbor boy. On the back bumper of my truck, I have a plate that reads "Disabled American Veterans - Life Member." He asked me what it said. I told him, "You read it!" He said, "I can't read." I said, "I thought you graduated from Mastodon Valley High School." He said, "I did, but I can't read."

I thought he was joking, but I found out later, he wasn't.

Allen D. Regenos
Mastodon City


King Koopa said...

Classic sympathy ploy. I don't believe it for a second. Dude probably reads just fine, he's just lazy.

Ian said...

Maybe I'm not supposed to do these kinds of things, but while trying to discover the location of Mastodon City I came across a letter suggesting that Mr. Regenos is indeed a repeat offender...

'I am writing in response to Mr. Allen D. Regenos' editorial regarding the Pierceton American Legion Post 258 entry "The General" in this year's Silver Lake Days parade. The "General" has long been a part of the tradition of the Silver Lake Days parade and I hope that tradition continues. They have many dedicated individuals who take their unit to numerous area parades, which is indeed a "crowd pleaser."'

The rest of this fine example of civic involvement can be found at: