Monday, April 18, 2005


You know what's funny? This morning around 9:30 in the AM I added this guy to my blogroll, because this post about blowjobs was really funny, and I like funny things. Then, at 4:31 PST, the man puts this in writing.

I'd love to say something right now about how amazing I am for being so far ahead of the curve, or how I have such unbelievable taste, or that you could drive up and down California Highway 1 for days and not find a sexier muthafunker than me, but that would be gloating, and that's just simply not who I am.


Walter Cash said...

House sucks. I hope you enjoy it next season when it's called American Idol: The Lost Tapes.

Mathis said...

Dear Heretic:

Please blaspheme elsewhere, as your intentional attempts to be a douche are neither interesting or humorous. It is not my fault you have no taste, and are resigned to living a life in which House, MD gives you no joy. It is not a life I would wish upon anyone.

King Koopa said...

I begrudgingly admit: I love House. I've seen my fair share of episodes since it debuted and last week's episode was great. I've not seen a bad one yet, actually.