Thursday, June 30, 2005


I don't know why. Just do. Really love this stuff called "Good Earth". Anyone out there have any great recommendations? I like tea that has a good, strong flavor to it. A little sweet (without having to add sugar), a little spicy, and a little bit delicious as it goes from the mug to the lips to the throat to the belly. Yum. Tea!

The screening last night went well enough. People seemed to laugh at all the right points during the film. Which of course was the whole damn thing! Although, to be honest, it's not too hard to make the crowd at the "48 Hour Film Project" laugh. Most people that are there want three things: they want to see the film they made, they want to make sure that the film they made is better than the films everyone else made, and they want to be marginally entertained. In that respect, having a goofy little movie that's well-enough put together puts you in a pretty good position. Even if it's not as funny as, say, MadTV (and what is? am I right?), the place is packed with enough drunks and idiots to make even the lamest gag seem like the funniest thing you've ever seen since that little girl on America's Funniest Home Videos put her hand on the shaky radiator and sang the Star-Spangled Banner in a warbly voice. Oh, the laughs!

This atmosphere, of course, works against earnestness, shoddy camerawork, poorly delivered lines, fat people, or admissions of love. Everything is served up as something to laugh at, and rightly so. Laugh away, you fools. The world burns around you, and you laugh! You crazy, magnificent bastards you all!!

Here's a question for you: which "religion" is crazier? Scientology or Mormonism? How can people believe this shit? Really. I want to know.

Well, moving on.

Here's something that I think would be funny to see:

Imagine there is a mother elephant and her little baby elephant running around on the African Serenghetti. Only, the little baby elephant is wearing old Adidas shoes, gold chains, some sun glasses, and a Vision Street Wear cap, cocked to the side. Oh, and he's holding a skateboard in his snout.

That's something that I think would be funny to see.


King Koopa said...

I think I've seen this elephant you speak of.

Mathis said...

Whoah, I've never seen that before. But really, crazy animated elephants aren't funny. I'm thinking more along the lines of straight, National Geographic style footage of an baby elephant and his mother. Only, of course, the baby elephant is into accessories. And now that I think about it, maybe the elephant, whenever he stands, puts the skateboard down and stands on it. Then, when he wants to walk somewhere, he picks it up again in his snout and trots off. See? Cause it's like the opposite of what you use a skateboard for. That'd be funny.

Analogcabin said...

That's really fucking racist.

T.S. Farmhand said...

That's some funny stuff.

By the way, I want one of these for Christmas.

Mathis said...

Dear T.S.:

I know I've mentioned this to you in the past, but perhaps my admonishments were not forceful enough. So, for the last time, and let me say this clearly and forthrightly:

There is no Sasquatch. You cannot hunt him down. There is no prize for killing Sasquatch. The Army has not commissioned you to find Sasquatch.

Go back to your job. Start your life again. Stop hunting this spectre.

The AM

T.S. Farmhand said...

Your ignorance is astonishing. On this issue, there are only two questions worth asking:

1. How many are there?

2. Are they dangerous?

Trevor Jackson said...

First off, congrats on even putting the movie together. Very funny. You neglected to tell us, though, if yours was indeed better than the others.

As for your streetephant, my big fear is that someone, after dressing the creature in the gear, will be unable to resist making it rap a la Kangaroo Jack. My very big fear. Best to not even go down that road.

Alisa said...

I too love the tea, AM. Some of my personal favorites depending on mood are:

Tazo - Passion: No, it doesn't make me run around and hump the legs of strangers but it does have a sweet tangy flavor and brews into a lovely deep red color. Deep red teas, that's something to be passionate about.

Trader Joe's brand - Decaf Caramel Creme: Awesome. Sweet. Dark. Caramely.

The Republic of Tea - Ginger Peach: It seems like it would make a great summery iced tea, but I don't really drink iced tea. Still it's wonderful warm on a warm summer night.

For some other recommendations I suggest you try this amazing website from the wonderful folks at Tazo:

ashleymegan said...

I personally recommend Celestial Seasonings "Detox Tea." Guaranteed to purge and flush out any leftover toxins. yum.

Awbnid said...

Mt wife worked at Good Earth for a little while. The guy that runs the place is really good friends with the Men's Warehouse guy and does a lot of coke.

Apropos of nothing, sure. Just thought you'd like to know.

T.S. Farmhand said...

This man knows more about the world than a thousand Hoosiers stuck in a library for weeks on end.

More to come later.

Mathis said...


Why must you insist on playing these cryptic games?

T.S. Farmhand said...

Why must you insist on playing these cryptic games?

Ask this guy. Believe me, he knows.

Ian said...

Drinking tea isn't going to win you any more points with the Asian chicks.

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